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Communication Comes First.

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Everyday is a creative day

Creativity at work is our driving factor that innovation on consultancy specializing in arts-based learning and design thinking as a strategy for innovation. We help our customers develop creativity, innovation and leadership capabilities to improve business performance and make a positive difference in the world. Discover how art and design thinking proceses can be used as a catalyst for cultivating creativity, innovation, empathy, and team spirit.

The Leading Chiefs

Asmawiza Haji Hussin

Asmawiza Haji Hussin

Assistant Director
Mohammad Haris Abd Azis

Mohammad Haris Abd Azis

Assistant Director

The Creative Warriors

  • Faizul Awang

    Faizul Awang

    Cultural Officer
    Corporate Communication Unit
  • Mohd Baharizan Zainol

    Mohd Baharizan Zainol

    Cultural Officer
    Event Management Unit
  • Zunaida Bahadur

    Zunaida Bahadur

    Cultural Officer
    Research and Publication Unit
  • Daniel


    Music Unit

    The Best Support Team

    • Muhazam Mukhiar

      Muhazam Mukhiar

      Chief Clerk
    • Jamaliah Osman

      Jamaliah Osman

      Chief Clerk
    • Widya Adeha Ahmad

      Widya Adeha Ahmad

      Assistant Administrative
    • Nur Wani Muhamad Rabi

      Nur Wani Muhamad Rabi

      Assistant Administrative
    • Isnalhairil Ithnain

      Isnalhairil Ithnain

      Operation Assistant
    • Ishak Md Zin

      Ishak Md Zin

      Office Assistant
    • Mohamad Rizal Mohamad Lazim

      Mohamad Rizal Mohamad Lazim

      Cultural Artist
    • Elyka Puteri Roslee

      Elyka Puteri Roslee

      Cultural Artist

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