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Everyday is a creative day

Creativity at work is our driving factor that innovation on consultancy specializing in arts-based learning and design thinking as a strategy for innovation. We help our customers develop creativity, innovation and leadership capabilities to improve business performance and make a positive difference in the world. Discover how art and design thinking proceses can be used as a catalyst for cultivating creativity, innovation, empathy, and team spirit.

The Leading Chiefs

The Creative Warriors

  • Mohammad Haris Abd Aizs

    Mohammad Haris Abd Aizs

    Assitant Director
    Student Development Unit
  • Faizul Awang

    Faizul Awang

    Cultural Officer
    Corporate Communication Unit
  • Mohd Baharizan Zainol

    Mohd Baharizan Zainol

    Cultural Officer
    Event Management Unit
  • Zunaida Bahadur

    Zunaida Bahadur

    Cultural Officer
    Research and Publication Unit
  • Mohamad Rizal Mohamad Lazim

    Mohamad Rizal Mohamad Lazim

    Cultural Officer
    Production Unit

    The Best Support Team

    • Muhazam Mukhiar

      Muhazam Mukhiar

      Chief Clerk
    • Jamaliah Osman

      Jamaliah Osman

      Chief Clerk
    • Widya Adeha Ahmad

      Widya Adeha Ahmad

      Assistant Administrative
    • Nur Wani Muhamad Rabi

      Nur Wani Muhamad Rabi

      Assistant Administrative
    • Isnalhairil Ithnain

      Isnalhairil Ithnain

      Operation Assistant
    • Ishak Md Zin

      Ishak Md Zin

      Office Assistant
    • Mohamad Rizal Mohamad Lazim

      Mohamad Rizal Mohamad Lazim

      Cultural Artist
    • Elyka Puteri Roslee

      Elyka Puteri Roslee

      Cultural Artist

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