• Fadzil Shaari Meeting Room

    Meeting Room Fadzil Shaari is on of the facility provided by the Arts and Culture Centre(PBS) for customers to do discussions with the more organized and comfortable. The room is equipped with air conditioning and sound system. The meeting room can also accommodate up to 35 people.

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  • Anjung Siswa

    Arts and Culture Centre provides four strategic places Anjung Siswa near the two Meeting Room Fadzil Shaari and two more near Budi Siswa Hall. The main purpose of this Anjung Siswa was built to create a meeting place UUM discussions and activities beneficial to each other.

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  • Cultural Square

    Culture Square is located between the Arts and Culture Centre (PBS) and Varsity Mall. Mainly it is used to be outdoor cultural activities.

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  • Asha'ari Music Studio

    Studio Music Asha'ari was created was to provide facilities especially to students to make music practice in preparation for the team UUM attend cultural activities. The studio is equipped with a sound proof system (sound proof) to reduce noise loud sounds of the natural environment. The studio is open every working day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

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  • Bunga Raya VIP Room

    The VIP Room will make sure you have an extraordinary time, offering its exclusive clientele superlative service, music and ambience.The unsurpassed service will ensure that each guest will leave having had an unforgettable evening, whether it be experiencing some of the arts and cultural activities.

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  • Budi Siswa Hall

    Budi Siswa Hall (DBS) provides services for events organized by student associations and organized by the university. DBS can accommodate 150 people for an activity. The use of DBS is subject to conditions to be set and void the reservation. The board is equipped with air conditioning system, sound and lighting. For reservations, please contact the online PBS in 4208.

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  • Student Foyer

    Student Foyer located in the central part of the route for Arts and Culture Center. Student Foyer serves as a place to run a variety of activities including student discussions, club activities, performing arts and many others.

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  • Uniutama.fm Radio Conti

    Uniutama.fm Conti Radio serves as a UUM radio station and provide information to the student and kedah state community. Uniutama.fm was established to enhance student skill through various activities such as a radio announcer, master of ceremonies and all activities related to the field of broadcasting. To listen to the radio broadcast listeners please surf the Internet at the address www.uniutamafm.uum.edu.my . Radio is broadcast every Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm.

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  • Executive Dining Room

    With banquet-style seating and conference-style seating for as many as 24 guests, the Executive Dining Room is a perfect location to serving the best quality to your customer.

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  • Arts Classes

    The Arts Classes is a service provided by Arts And Culture Centre at the Universiti Utara Malaysia. The Arts Classes is the best provider of Arts Management education and training for students and professionals in the arts and in arts management. We offers the customers the class with the Professional certificates for students on campus. We also offer publications, research services, and training programs for state, regional, and local arts agencies.

  • Event Management

    If you’re looking for an event management company to help you put together a fun and memorable corporate event, conference, or team building event, you’ve come to the right place. At PBS we design and manage a wide range of conferences, incentive and reward programmes, evening events and private parties. From your initial enquiry, we work closely with you to develop the brief and have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. As one of the UK’s leading event management services, we use our extensive experience and the strength of our supplier relationships to design and resource a solution that adds value whilst remaining within your budget.

  • Advising and Consultations

    Arts and Culture Centre are always here to help you. We offer you free personalised advice and information about all aspects of cultural activities and on any matters related to your life as an university student.

  • Performances

    Art and Culture Center is ready to accept the invitation to perform music and dance, and any form of cultural performances either in or outside the campus. The form of presentation such as corporate dinners, awards ceremony and the opening of the organization. All requests for invitations to perform shall be submitted to the director of PBS.

  • Bidasari Dance Club

    Bidasari Dance Club is a club to provide opportunities for students wishing to study and learn the art of dance with more depth. Among the activities carried out by the club is Dance Workshop, Workshop Zapin Johor and the club is also actively involved in various cultural performances. If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Ms. online Asmawiza at 04-9284205.

  • Broadcasting Club

    Broadcast Club was founded in accordance with its mission to accelerate the development of the minds of students in the field of broadcasting that emphasizes communication skills. In addition, the club also became a platform for students to learn and gain experience in broadcasting in particular and in general management.If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Mr. Waterhouse online Awang at 04-9284206

  • Warna Theater Club

    Warna Theater Club was founded in March 1, 2005. The club has participated in various competitions and theatrical performances including theater performances for Gema Merdeka Art MAKUM, manifestations MAKUM Theater, State Theater Manifestation, Manifestation National Theater and another theater programs. If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Mr. Mohd Jasrihanizan at 04-9284202

  • Journalist Club

    Journalist Club was formally established in 2006 for the needs of Northern Newspapers which is the official newspaper of the Department of Student Affairs at the time. The club is working to provide exposure to students interested in journalism as a minor news and photographs. If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Mr. Faizul at 04-9284206.

  • Nasyid Club

    Nasyid Club is an Islamic-oriented song. Traditionally, it is sung a cappella, accompanied only by a daff. This musical style is used because many Muslim scholars interpret Islam as prohibiting the use of musical instruments except for some basic percussion. If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Mr. Nazri Yauddin at 04-9284206
  • Estetika Club

    Estetika Club is a student assiciation that focuses on the areas of event management such as hosting the event, stage performance management, event management, the establishment of the cultural committee and write a program guide administrative performance and competition. if interested please contact the club advisor Mr. Baharizan at 04-9284208
  • Pendita Club

    Pendita Club is a student body that focuses on fields such as literature Malay poetry, poetic, guridam, seloka and creative writing. If interested in joining the club can get in touch with the student body advisers Asmawiza Ms. Hussin at 04-9284205
  • Film Fans Club

    Film Fans Club (KPF) is a group that has just been established and inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Tan Sri Dr. Nordin Kardi in January 2009 which aims to increase students' interest and passion for films produced in Malaysia. If interested please contact the club advisor Mr. Faizul at 04-9284206.
  • Culinary and Sewing Club

    Culinary and Sewing Club is a student body that focuses on the fields of art sewing and cooking. The activities carried out as Culinary Competition Hall Students stage, Battle of the items and the Composition Competition. If interested in joining the club can get in touch with the student body advisers En. Mohd Jasrihanizan at 04-9284202.
  • Drawing Arts Club

    Drawing Club was founded to provide opportunities for students interested in the visual arts, particularly painting. Among the activities organized by the club's Mural Painting Workshop in collaboration with the National Art Gallery, Art Workshop and also often held a study visit to the organizations publishing. If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Mr. Nazri Yauddin Haji Nawawi in online 04-9284206
  • Music Club

    Music Club is a club that gives guidance to students in the field of music. Students can learn the techniques of playing musical instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, wind instrument, and more. In fact, the students were able to learn music notation formal guidelines Associated Board Of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). If interested in joining the club can contact the club advisor Mr. Mohammad Haris at 04-9284207.
  • Cultural Secretariat

    Cultural Secretariat was aim to grooms up the students by encouraging and training students to plan,manage and execute events at various levels.

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