How We Achieve Excellence

Arts and Culture Centre program support for education includes providing, or coordinating with another organization's provision of, professional development or university courses, training, certification, etc., that help student and staff to build their skills. If financial resources are not available, other means of institutional support -- release time or leave time, special recognition, a library for the organization, study circles or reading groups, etc. -- need to be considered. Everyone in the organization, including administrators and Board members are encouraged to take advantage of learning opportunities and to model learning behavior.

We always remodel such openness by being willing to reexamine and change procedures, policies, etc. when needed. Student and Staff are given room to try out even things that others may be skeptical about, as long as they can justify the attempt. If such an attempt is honestly carried out, it should be seen as a positive even if it fails: it provided new information, and is another building block in the construction of a quality program.

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